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The Ogle family has been in woodworking for four generations, since 1915, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, near Gatlinburg, in eastern Tenn.




Mary L McCarter Ownby and husband Matt Ownby - Helped Isaac Ogle to learn wood working as a trade in the early 1900's. Mary was Isaac's aunt.

Isaac Ogle - Made his first chair in 1915, at the age of 16, under the direction of his aunt Mary L. McCarter/Ownby. Most people in the mountains were Jacks of all Trades, in a self-sufficient agricultural based comunity. My grandfather Isaac chose to pursue woodworking full time, starting the tradition in our family.

Wade Ogle - Continued in his fathers trade as he grew up. In 1956 he started his own woodshop. In 1965 he started The Chair Shop in its present location, building a succesfull business based on service, quality, and craftmanship. He and wife June Ogle ran the business untill his death in 1995.


Randy Ogle

Phone: 865 436-7413

Email: randyogle@ogleschairshop.com


Randy Ogle

"I don't think I ever decided to be a chairmaker," says Randy Ogle.

But the owner of The Chair Shop has made chairs and other furniture for nearly 40 years. He learned from his father, Wade, who learned from his father, Isaac. Isaac Ogle learned from an aunt, Mary L. McCarter Ownby.

"You grow up with it, helping in the family trade. By the time you're 17, 18, you're a pretty good hand in the shop," says Ogle.

After "looking around" as a young man I returned home to work in the family business. 

He uses some of his father's and grandfather's tools. Like them, he builds custom furniture and chairs, to smaller items like bowls, rolling pins and cutting boards.

"This is a custom shop; we will build about anything. I'm doing what my grandfather, and my father did, and I am satisfied."

Randy Ogle is affiliated with the following organizations

After over 50 years in business The Chair Shop is proud to list its affiliation with the following.


Southern Highland Craft Guild




Great Smoky Arts And Crafts Comunity




Great Smoky Mountains Association




Arrowmont School Of Arts And Crafts